Wichita Construction Trends

Despite the fact that some experts consider the economy in Wichita, Kansas to be going through some hard times, the construction industry seems to be doing extremely well. Recently, it has been discovered that more than 18,000 workers have had a job in construction in Wichita over a full month – something that hasn’t happened since the 2008 recession.


With contractors active and a lot of people investing in new construction projects, you can find just about anything being built in Wichita right now. Some of the major ongoing projects include:


  • The River Vista development, which is expected to offer a place for renting boats and to bring more apartments for people looking to live in Wichita;
  • The Union Station – a large and complex project stretching across acres of public space, that will offer a hotel, various restaurants and office space, upon completion;
  • The Sprouts Farmers Market, which will have its grand opening in January of next year, showing a lot of promise when it comes to serving future buyers from Wichita and the surrounding cities.

As you can see, local construction companies are highly versatile. According to city officials, the projects are built according to the most cutting edge commercial construction trends in the industry, and the completed buildings and areas are expected to be a launching pad for future construction plans throughout Wichita.  They also have contractors experienced in roofing Wichita KS homes, creating a very welcoming community.

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How to Choose the Best Wichita Roof For You

Roofs do a lot for us; they protect us from weather and give us comfort all year-round. We only begin to notice how much our roofs do when there’s a problem. When you need a new roof for your home, reliable Wichita roofing companies can help you decide which roof is best for your needs, and here’s a guide to help you prepare:

What Type of Roof is Right for You?

If you’re inside right now, reading and relaxing in a comfortable environment, you have a roof to thank for that. Not only does it keep you from the outdoor elements, but a stylish roof can add curb appeal to your home.

Don’t overlook what’s overhead. The overall look and feel of your home depends on the condition of your roof. If it’s aging or leaking, it might be time to replace and repair. There are many styles and types of roof you can upgrade to that will enhance your overall ROI. Here are a few roof types to help you decide what’s right for your home.

Roof Installation Costs

Installing a new roof on a home is not a cheap endeavor, however, it is extremely important for the overall well-being of the home. A faulty roof can lead to lasting and expensive home damage that can otherwise be avoided, such as mold issues, staining and damage to walls and ceiling.  The average cost to install a roof is $6,364, but will largely be determined by the style, material, and size of the roof.

 Shape & Size of Roof

If you’re planning on replacing or repairing, one of the first things you’ll need to do is determine the shape of roof you have. This will largely depend on the size and style of your home. Here are a few ideas of roof shape to get you started:

  • Flat Roofs: Less expensive but more difficult to maintain.
  • Gable: Triangular roof with sloping sides.
  • Gambrel or Barn: A sloping roof that looks more ridged and curved rather than triangular.
  • Hip: All four sides join to create a sloped roof.
  • Octagonal: An eight-sided roof that frames the round areas of the home.
  • Combination: A roof with two different shapes to meet the home’s shape.

Before determining the type of roofing material you’ll use, it’s best to know how much you’ll need first. It’s estimated that at least 10% of the material will be used for waste. To help plan, use our roofing calculator and estimator for your roofing project.

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The Advantages of Using an Insurance Adjuster to Aim for a Better Settlement

Most of us never think about hiring an insurance adjuster, since we dread the very idea of needing one. However, in some cases, it does become necessary, and you have to consider the advantages that this course of action can bring you:


  • You no longer have to worry about the hassle of gathering documents and the stress of reliving the incident. It stands to reason that,

    after your home was damaged or you or one of your family members have went through an accident, the last thing you want is to relive every detail and try to convince your insurance company that you deserve compensation for it.

  • Aside from emotional well-being, another advantage of a reliable insurance adjuster is efficiency and promptitude. Imagine having someone at your disposal who can stay in touch, mediate between you and your insurer, and give you quick results regarding your claim.
  • Also, an insurance adjuster has all the knowledge and experience needed for dealing with such a case. It’s good to note that there are several Wichita roofing providers that work very well with insurance adjusters, and to your benefit.  Maybe you overlooked some details in gathering evidence or reading your policy. Your insurance adjuster has already handled dozens of similar cases, and knows exactly what to do and what to remember.


It’s easy to see how hiring a dependable insurance adjuster right away can help you. Instead of worrying and trying to figure everything out on your own, call your local insurance adjuster to set up a meeting and discuss the possibility of getting a settlement that you’ll definitely be happy with.

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How to Dazzle and Impress Your Neighbors with Outstanding Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal Is Important

Curb appeal seems difficult, especially when you see all those $3 million houses with expensive fences, fountains, swimming pools and other additions that you have no idea how to get at a lower cost. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get great curb appeal. Here’s what you can do instead:


  • Start by making small aesthetic changes to the grounds. Plant a few perennials, maybe a new tree, then set your eyes on your lawn and the potted plants on your patio.
  • Paint your deck, window sills, doors and fences. You’ll be amazed how much your home’s curb appeal can improve simply if you paint a few items using just a couple of gallons of paint of varying colors. If you have the money have roofers experienced in roofing Wichita homes replace your roofing with newer products.
  • Call a landscaper to see how much it would cost to install items like a new walkway or a rock garden. If you’re thinking of adding something small, you won’t need to worry about spending too much.
  • Finally, clean up! Clean your windows, clear up dead plants and grass from your garden, tidy up your deck, and make sure the fence is squeaky clean before you finish.


With just a few simple touches and an expense of less than a few hundred dollars, you will find your home and garden looking brand new in no time at all.

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A Look at the Most Important Benefits of Concrete Shingles for Your Home

What type of roofing shingle would you want for your home? Although there are a lot of homeowners who would choose metal, slate or cheap asphalt shingle roofing, concrete shingles are actually considered by experts to be a much more balanced and impressive type:

  • Despite the fact that the roofing material itself is somewhat heavier than metal or wood, concrete siding is remarkably easy to install, and it requires very little maintenance down the line.
  • You don’t really have to worry about repainting or restoring concrete roofing to its original look even a few years after it was installed. This is a resilient type of shingle that doesn’t fade over a longer period of time.
  • Because of the durability and impressive resilience of concrete roofing, you’ll find a lot of insurance companies will offer lower premiums. This means you actually pay less for home insurance than you would if you installed other, cheaper or less durable types of shingle.
  • Another proof of concrete shingle durability is the warranty that most licensed Wichita roofing companies associate with this product. A 50-year warranty is not a big surprise in most cases.
  • Manufacturers often provide highly diverse, pre-painted options, so you don’t have to worry about getting that right shade of blue or crimson for your home, nor about painting it yourself.


The durability, style and practical advantages of concrete shingles cannot be overstated. In many cases, having this type of roofing installed will spell the difference between needing a new roof in a few years and relaxing for decades without even having to fix a few leaks.

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How to Choose the Right Gutters for Your Home


Are you in the market for new and improved gutters? Great gutters are an essential part of any home, so trust your Wichita roofing contractor to help you choose which gutters will be right for your home for years to come.  Read more about the different types and benefits of gutters below:

Types of Gutters and Costs

The good news: Gutters come in all shapes, colors, and prices so you can easily find a match for your style of house and budget.

Unfortunately, figuring the right sizes of the gutters and downspouts for your roof involves some head-banging mathematical formulas.

Not to worry. We’re here to guide you on the path to gutter glory. If you’d like to do your own calculations for sizing your gutters, we’ll help you through it.

Basic Types of Gutters

Let’s start with shapes. There are two basic types, and they’re referred to by the shape of their cross section. Both types come in 5- and 6-inch widths.

1.  K-style gutters have flat bottoms and backs, and the front side of the gutter usually has a decorative shape, such as a curve or ogee, that mimics crown molding. Many styles are available.

2.  Half-round gutters are exactly what the name suggests: half-round tubes. Half-round gutters often are found on older, historic homes.In general, K-style gutters have twice the capacity of their half-round cousins of the same width, and cost up to 50% more per linear foot.

Gutter Materials

Residential gutters are made from various metals, including:


  • Most widely used material
  • Lightweight and easy to install for DIYers
  • Won’t rust
  • .032- or .027-gauge thickness recommended for long-lasting duty in regions with snow
  • Comes in various colors and can be painted


  • Exceptional beauty
  • Won’t rust
  • No need to paint; will develop a patina over time
  • Needs pro installation; seams and joints must be welded
  • Used primarily on high-end residences and historic restorations
  • Pricey

Seamless Aluminum

Seamless (or continuous) gutters are made at the job site. A truck with a spool of flat aluminum pulls up to your home, and the fabricator uses a gutter-forming machine to custom make whatever gutter length is required. There’s no hauling of long gutters. About 70% of all gutter installations are the seamless type.

Installing seamless gutters:

  • Eliminates many seams and reduces chances of leaks
  • Costs slightly more than regular aluminum gutters


  • Strong
  • Galvanized steel resists rust but longevity is an issue; may start to rust after 5 to 10 years
  • Many color options; can be painted
  • Heavy and not recommended for DIY
  • Can be pricey


  • Lightweight and inexpensive; good for DIYers
  • Not many colors to choose from
  • Color susceptible to fading from UV sunlight
  • May crack in severe cold
  • Won’t support ladders placed against them


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • No need to paint; will develop a patina over time
  • Needs pro installation; seams and joints must be welded
  • Used primarily on high-end residences and historic restorations
  • Expensive

How Much Gutter Do You Need?

Figuring gutters sizes and capacities is a complex brain-freeze equation involving the size  and slope of your roof and the average maximum rainfall your area can expect. We recommend leaving the calculations to your gutter installation professional.

For the most part, you won’t go wrong with a 5-inch, K-style gutter. “A 5-inch gutter is pretty standard and will handle rainfall just about anywhere in the country,” says Bill Sheetz, owner of Lake Cook Exteriors in Palatine, Ill. He uses them on “almost all our installations.” And he specs oversized (3-inch-by-4-inch) downspouts to ensure good drainage.

Sheetz says a 6-inch gutter has almost twice the capacity of a 5-inch, but cautions that in cold climates, larger gutters run the risk of getting weighted down with ice that could damage the gutter system. Moving to a 6-inch gutter increases costs by about 25%.

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In Search of Your Dream Home: Where to Buy a New House in Kansas

Dream Home Searching

If you’re interested in finding the best places to live in Kansas, Kansas City can give you just about everything you need. From pleasant, relaxing parks and walkways, to great bars and interesting nightlife choices, the following Kansas City suburbs have a lot more to offer than you’ve bargained for.


Fairway is a neighborhood that has an excellent rating when it comes to housing, family-friendly locations, safety and schools. Even the nightlife is better than most of Kansas City, and the neighborhood is literally located in the very center of Kansas City, close to Overland Park and some of the best schools in the state. Houses are a little pricier, but you’ll find them to be well worth the added expense.


Prairie Village is another family friendly neighborhood close to Fairway and offering similar benefits. However, the cost of a typical house in the area is only around $210k. Prairie Village is known as an extremely friendly place to live with a lively nightlife and great options for schooling, both when it comes to elementary and higher education.  The roofing companies Wichita KS has have done a professional job on the homes in this community, as well as the surrounding areas.


One of the most affordable high profile neighborhoods in Kansas City, Roeland Park is highly praised for its pleasant locations, safety and family-friendly attractions. A few great restaurants and bars are also available, and locals can enjoy some pleasant parks like Roeland Park and other Kansas City green areas within walking distance of their homes. Roeland Park is just a few minutes walking distance from downtown KS, so you won’t ever have to pay too much for transportation.



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