Matching Your Siding With Roof Shingle Colors

Matching The Siding and Roofing With The Facade

Choosing the colors for the exterior of the house is rather a subjective matter that suits everyone’s taste, but it is good to know that there are some chromatic combinations that fit better than others.

In this regard, the roofing Wichita KS specialists say that when choosing the color palette for the exterior, it would be good to consider not only the façade of the house, which is indeed the most exposed and visible, but also the roof, the architectural elements, the garage and even the fence. A Victorian villa painted in vivid colors can look splendid in a city like San Francisco, but it will seem very inappropriate on a conservative street. As such, you should also choose the colors according to the specificity of the area where you live.

The roofs are either in warm shades, such as brown or red, or cold, such as black, gray, blue or even green. Generally, a warm-colored roof will look much better with a facade painted in warm shades and vice versa. Contrasting them can lead to an aesthetic imbalance, but if it is done properly, it can create an interesting chromatic game. However, contrasts should be chosen carefully and it is advisable to ask some help from a specialist.

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Increasing Property Value with Installation of a New Roof

New Roof Installation

The first impression counts enormously and contributes to increasing the value of your home. Factors that influence the house’s price are the location of the building, the quality of life in the city where the building is located, the age of the building, the additional equipment and the building itself.

One of the ways to increase your home`s value is to install a new roof. A new roof can refresh and even transform the overall aspect of a house and add value to it. Buyers are more interested and willing to pay extra money if they can be sure that the roof is not going to be a concern for them for a very long time.

Replacing the roof before selling the house is also likely to increase the number of prospective buyers, so you have better chances to sell the house sooner.  Getting the help of Wichita remodeling contractors for problem areas will also increase the value of your property.

And these are not the only positive aspects of investing in a new roof.

Roofing materials are improved constantly in terms or resistance and durability. Therefore, new roof systems are made from better materials, with adequate insulation etc. They contribute significantly to reducing energy costs, while providing better thermal comfort.

Also, a new roof might qualify you to receive discounts for your insurance.

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Tips For Protecting Your Roof From The Rain

The water and the roof do not make a good pair together. Water continuously attacks the roof`s surface, which is the same surface that protects our home, our belongings and our comfort. In addition, infiltration and ponding of the water in the buildings produces moisture, which causes mold, mildew and may seriously affect our health, not just our comfort.

In order to protect roofs from the negative effects of water (in all its shapes, liquid, vapors or solid), we need to pay particular importance to waterproofing the roof.  Have one of the trusted Wichita roofing companies explain the process.

A good waterproofing work eliminates the risk of leaks, condensation or mold. The lack of adequate waterproofing system may have serious repercussions such as heavy infiltrations and degradation of the walls and ceilings – and not exclusively on the last floor of the building, as some might be tempted to believe. Water penetrating the walls and ceilings may also damage the electrical system.

In order to stop the infiltrations of water in the construction elements, waterproofing is ensured in the form of impermeable layers. Generally, three main layers form a waterproofing system. The first is the support layer, the second one is the waterproofing layer and the third one is the protective layer of the entire waterproofing system.


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Keeping Your Residential Roof in Great Condition

When we think about the aspect and the exterior protection of a home, the roof surely comes into our minds the most often.

Roof maintenance will begin immediately after installation with removal of the debris resulted from the assembly, the remaining materials and unused accessories. Better say, proper maintenance starts with cleaning after roof installation.

For roofs that are still in their warranty period, Wichita roofers recommend at least a detailed inspection in the first five years. This way, if you discover some problems, you can get in touch with specialists in time and you can benefit from the manufacturer’s warranty. However, a visual inspection should be performed every year. Check the status of the color layer and look for uneven spots or discoloration. Dirt and stains are common, but can be removed with water, a brush and some roof-friendly detergent.

Gutters and downspouts will also be cleaned annually, to avoid blockages or damage. Fasteners and other accessories will also be checked periodically. Anything that is not tightly attached will increase the risk of corrosion; therefore, broken or damaged accessories will be immediately replaced by other products. This way you will be protected from unwanted and unpleasant surprises.


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Fourth of July in Kansas

Celebrating Fourth of July

If you live in Kansas and look for ways to celebrate the Fourth of July, you will be happy to know to know that there are dozens of public celebrations each year that you can join with your friends or family. Of course, all of them end with the traditional, spectacular fireworks shows.

  • Kansas City Riverfest happens along the Missouri River, at Berkley’s Riverfront Park. You can enjoy there all kind of family-friendly activities, music and good food.
  • The Festival at Corporate Woods is organized for fun but also for charities. It includes lots of games and music.
  • The annual Big Bang at Longview Lake is another great option to celebrate America`s birthday. Skydivers and a military tribute are the activities that what make this place unique.
  • The amusement park in Kansas City has been celebrating the Fourth of July since it was inaugurated, in the beginning of the`70s. You can get discount tickets and enjoy all the fun, hot dogs and watermelons.
  • At Fort Leavenworth (Merritt Lake) there are games, concessions and concerts, every year
  • Leawood City Park is another site for a variety of traditional family festivities. Quality entertainment, games and a variety of food vendors will make you have a great time.

As Wichita general contractors at Penney Construction, we want to say to those in our community to have a Happy & Safe 4th of July this year.


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Top Things to Know About Your Residential Roof

The Different Roof Components

A residential roof is part of the building envelope and it consists of special building components that have a very important role not only in protecting homes against the elements, but also in ensuring thermal comfort inside the house – here are a few things that you as a homeowner should know about your roof:


  • the components of the roof – residential roofs consist of the roof cover that makes up the surface of the roof, flashing, that is special material around the openings on the roof, such as skylights and chimneys, installed to prevent leaks in sensitive roof areas, vents, ridge caps, underlayment and decking underneath the topmost layer, this is also good to know when working with roofing companies Wichita KS offers;
  • Roof angle – not all roofs slope in the same angle, some are steeper, others slope in a milder angle or are completely flat. Each slope type has its special requirements in terms of the most suitable roof covering materials as well as in terms of installation;
  • Roof maintenance – residential roofs can stay intact, solid and healthy only if they are regularly inspected and maintained. Each type of roofing material comes with different maintenance requirements, but detailed inspections carried out to detect potential roof problems in a timely manner are an important part in all maintenance procedures.


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Questions to Ask Your Roofer about Shingles

Questions To Ask

If you are currently in the process of building a new home or the existing roof on your home has come of age and needs to be replaced and you want an affordable durable and attractive shingle roof, here are a few things that you must ask your roofer about the shingles that work best in your situation:

  • The type of shingles that works best in your area – there are many materials used for making shingles. You can choose from various types metal alloys, asphalt, fiberglass, wood, felt, slate, composite and others, each material being suitable for specific climate conditions, so make sure you find out as much as you can about the pros and cons of each material;
  • The cost-longevity ratio – shingles also come in a wide price range, the costs depending on the material, the type and on the durability that you can expect your shingles to provide;
  • Maintenance and repair needs – as a general rule, shingle roofs require very little upkeep, but even so, there are still a few things that you need to do to maintain your new shingle roof, so make sure you find out everything about your new roof’s maintenance needs.


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