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The Importance of Being Aware of Roof Replacement Scams

Important To Be Aware

Most roofing Wichita KS contractors are trustworthy, knowledgeable experts who deliver the work quality they have promised, but as it happens in any industry and in any field of life, roof replacement scammers do exist. If you are currently in search of a roofer either because you want a scheduled replacement of your own roof or because you are faced with extensive roof damage and you need to get what is left of your roof replaced as quickly as possible, here are a few of the practices that indicate you are dealing with a roof replacement scammer:

  • Unsolicited offers on the cheap – if a roofer comes to you, telling you that you need roof replacement and that he and his team will do it for cheap, you should start being suspicious. Most of these scammers continue by asking for some money to buy some materials for your roof – if they get the money, they will run away with it;
  • Storm chasers – these roofers try to get clients right after strong storms, when many homeowners are still in shock. Most of them do some work on the roof, but they use cheap materials and provide poor quality labor, then they charge your insurer for better quality. The work they do will not last for more than a couple of years at best.

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How Can Impact Resistant Shingles Help Your Home?

Tough Roofing Shingles To Withstand Bad Weather

Impact resistant shingles provide enhanced protection on the event of hail storms, but this is not the only benefit of these great, modern roofing solution – here are some more:

  • Design variety – impact resistant roofing systems come in many different colors and you have a lot of choice when it comes to the shape of the shingles as well;
  • Strength – impact-resistant shingles can withstand not only the effects of objects falling on the roof, but harsh winds and strong sunshine as well. Many of these products also come with high fire-resistance rating;
  • Easy installation – hiring a professional roofer would make the installation process smooth and it would guarantee that your roof is safe and durable, but impact resistant shingles can be easily installed by DIY roofers as well;
  • Low maintenance – impact resistant roofs don’t require too much maintenance. All you need to do if you have an impact resistant roof is to inspect it in spring and in fall and to fix the minor issues that you find;
  • Durability and cost efficiency – impact-resistant shingles are a bit more expensive than conventional shingles, but they are more durable systems that live much longer as well, so the initially higher investment will return to the owner very soon.

To explore your roofing options talk with experts at Penney Construction to determine which product is your best choice.

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How to Tell If A Roofer Is Ethical

Trust A Roofer That Is Ethical

Roofing projects are not cheap, so you need to vet the roofer you are planning to hire before you sign an agreement with him – here is what to look for to make sure your roofer is ethical and reliable:

  • Insurances, licenses and certificates – you need a roofer who is licensed to perform the type of work that you want and carries insurances that cover for work accidents as well as for property damage. Unlicensed and uninsured roofers are dangerous to work with;
  • Subcontractors – if your roofing contractor works with subcontractors, you need to be sure that the subcontractors are also licensed, insured, professional and reliable;
  • Beware of unsolicited offers – don’t trust roofers who show up at your gate without being invited, especially if they offer their services for cheap.   You can trust the Wichita roofers that are local, as being local is their key to sucess;
  • Warranty on the materials used and on the labor – an ethical roofer stands by his work as well as by the materials he uses. The manufacturers of roofing materials have very strict requirements pertaining to the way their materials are used and installed – you can lose the warranty on your new roof if those requirements are not met. Ethical roofers use only materials they have been trained to use and they can back up the manufacturer warranty on the materials with their own warranty on the performed labor.

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Is Water-Proofing Your Roof Necessary in Kansas?

Waterproof Residential Roofing

Kansas is geographically divided into three climate areas: humid continental in the east, semiarid steppe in the west and humid subtropical in the south-central region. Homes in each of the three areas, even in the drier western territories, are increasingly exposed to the effects of precipitation, therefore all roofs in the state need water protection – here is how to make sure that your Kansas roof stays dry, whatever weather comes along:

  • Clean the roof regularly – the leaves, twigs, branches and dust carried by the wind tend to accumulate on the roof. The debris absorbs rain water and does not let the roof underneath dry, causing the roofing cover to develop holes and other types of damage. Thorough roof cleaning makes sure that the roofing cover stays intact and it is the easiest waterproofing measure;
  • Fix issues in a timely manner – broken or cracked tiles, curling or damaged shingles need to be replaced quickly to avoid the appearance of leaks, it’s best to have roofing companies Wichita KS has do the job professionally;
  • Insulating the attic – proper attic insulation and the right type of roof decking can prevent not only water damage, but temperature fluctuations inside the house as well;
  • Water repellent coating – whatever your roof type, you will find efficient water-repellant coating products for it in the stores.

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Common Terms To Know About a Roof

Roof Terms
Roof Terms

Flat roof – a roof type with a slope of less than 5 degrees, providing an exterior surface that can be used in different ways.

Sloped roof – a roof under which there is a space that can be used as a storage space or even as a living space, called “attic”.

Roof framing – the resistance structure of the roof, directly influenced by the type of roof cover, its weight, the existence of a living space under the roof etc. It can be made of wood (most commonly), metal or concrete (rare).

Protective membranes – there are two types: vapor barriers and anti-condensation membranes.

Thermal insulation – an important component, especially if the space under the roof is destined to be used. Regardless its purpose, it is necessary to install thermal insulation that ensures thermal comfort both in summer and winter and reduces the energy consumption.

The cover – it can be made of various materials: ceramic or concrete tiles, brick, bituminous membrane, fiber cement tiles, corrugated boards, metal, natural materials (straw, reed…) etc.

Gutters – they are elements of the roof drainage system. Gutters can be semi-round or rectangular and have the role of collecting rainwater from the slopes of the roof.

Downspouts – they are also elements of the roof drainage system. They are round or rectangular, having the role of evacuating the water collected from the roof by the gutters.  As always contact a trusted roofing company to discuss your roofing needs,

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Summer Roof Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Adequate maintenance of the roof guarantees its firmness and tightness for many years. It takes just a few simple actions to perform once or twice every year, to be sure that everything is in order and to prevent potential damage.

Summer is a good time to clean the gutters and downspouts from debris, dry leaves and other blockages such as moss and earth blooms. Pull out the vegetation that grows on the roof.

You should also take advantage of the sunny days to verify the roof from the inside and identify any cracks or broken tiles. Wherever the light penetrates, water will also find its way in. Check if wood decay fungus or xylophage insects did not infiltrate in the wooden structure. Their presence is signaled by tiny holes or wood crumbs on the floor.

In the case of roof materials that require painting, summer is the right season for this operation too. Attention, use only paints specific to the type of materials that your roof is made from. Before repainting the entire surface, you must check if there are any local defects and loose materials. If major problems are detected or if the coat has faded unevenly, consult an Wichita roofing expert to get assistance with your repainting plan.

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Dealing With Storm Damage in Wichita

Storny Weather Can Cause Home Damage

Weather is Wichita can become severe occasionally, with frequent rainstorms accompanied by wind, lightning and hail that may even turn into tornados. Also, it is not uncommon that torrential rain causes flooding and other damages to public and private properties.

If you are facing a storm, you need to know exactly how to proceed to protect your possessions and stay safe. Listen to the information provided by the authorities and hurry to move the garden furniture in the house and to bring the essential things from the basement upstairs or in the attic, to keep them safe in the event of a flood. Shut down the electric appliances, close the windows and pull the shutters.

Once the storm has passed, you must inspect your home immediately and make sure everything is in order. A storm can cause damage to the roof, to the facade of the house but also to your yard. If you notice any problem, the solution is to keep calm, document everything by taking pictures or videos and contact the right Wichita remodeling company to start the necessary repairs. Keep all the evidence of damage and repairs that have been made, as they will help you to make your insurance claim.

It is never pleasant to deal with storm damage, but with the right precautions and proactive attitude, you can return much faster to a normal life.



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