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A Look at the Most Important Benefits of Concrete Shingles for Your Home

What type of roofing shingle would you want for your home? Although there are a lot of homeowners who would choose metal, slate or cheap asphalt shingle roofing, concrete shingles are actually considered by experts to be a much more balanced and impressive type:

  • Despite the fact that the roofing material itself is somewhat heavier than metal or wood, concrete siding is remarkably easy to install, and it requires very little maintenance down the line.
  • You don’t really have to worry about repainting or restoring concrete roofing to its original look even a few years after it was installed. This is a resilient type of shingle that doesn’t fade over a longer period of time.
  • Because of the durability and impressive resilience of concrete roofing, you’ll find a lot of insurance companies will offer lower premiums. This means you actually pay less for home insurance than you would if you installed other, cheaper or less durable types of shingle.
  • Another proof of concrete shingle durability is the warranty that most licensed Wichita roofing companies associate with this product. A 50-year warranty is not a big surprise in most cases.
  • Manufacturers often provide highly diverse, pre-painted options, so you don’t have to worry about getting that right shade of blue or crimson for your home, nor about painting it yourself.


The durability, style and practical advantages of concrete shingles cannot be overstated. In many cases, having this type of roofing installed will spell the difference between needing a new roof in a few years and relaxing for decades without even having to fix a few leaks.

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What to Look for When Aiming for the Best Siding Options in Wichita, KS

Wichita is one of the best places in Kansas for finding top quality home and building supplies. Siding is definitely on the menu here, as the top contractors in Kansas are based in Wichita, and can provide you with some truly practical solutions.

When looking for siding in Wichita, KS, the first thing to consider is the Kansas weather, which is notoriously unpredictable. As a result, you need siding that can be ready to protect your house from just about anything, from water damage to wind damage to heat and fire damage.


Vinyl may be somewhat flimsy according to some companies, however, modern vinyl products have been known to offer improved protection than their older counterparts.


Another great option is fiber cement, also known as concrete siding. This type of siding offers exceptional protection from fire, wind and pests, and it’s known to offer excellent value for the cost, especially if you get it from one of the main Wichita roofers with experience with this product.


Installation costs and maintenance requirements should also be considered along with long term durability and warranty offers. Information regarding all these factors should provide you with everything you need in order to make an informed choice regarding your Wichita siding purchase.

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What Are the Best Shingles You Can Buy for Kansas Homes?

Kansas has a unique climate that makes it difficult to shop for. If you plan on getting a new roof, the weather conditions in the area can make things very difficult, and they might end up leading to damaged shingles in no time. Fortunately, getting informed about the best available shingles goes a long way, and you’ll find it can make your decision much easier:


  • The first thing to know about Kansas is that the climate is warm and dry, and since the area is deep in tornado alley, you’ll definitely want to account for the intense winds here as well.
  • Buying shingles can be easy as long as you know all that and have some idea of the best types of shingles that can withstand these types of weather conditions. Fiberglass and metal shingles are known as some of the best because of their heightened resilience and durability.
  • Clay, concrete and slate are also among the most popular roofing materials in the area. They last even longer than metal roofing, and despite the costs, they are usually worth it.


You don’t have to look too far to find the best roofing shingles in Kansas. Simply contact your local roofing companies Wichita KS is home to and ask about your best options, while taking into account your budget and additional installation requirements.

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Do the Advantages of Concrete Siding Outweigh the Drawbacks Every Time?

Traditional minded people prefer wood. Practical people prefer to pay less on vinyl siding. But if you want to have everything, you might want to consider an alternative that can provide you with the best of both worlds and more. So let’s take a closer look at what concrete or fiber cement siding is all about.


Concrete siding has a lot of excellent advantages:


  • It’s very durable and capable of withstanding bad weather for many years. It’s even rated as more durable than the best wood, vinyl or aluminum siding.
  • Even the least durable fiber cement products are made up of 90% non-flammable materials.
  • Appearance-wise, it’s the best choice for mimicking wood planks and wooden shingles.
  • Unlike wood, it also offers outstanding protection from insects and other pests.


The only real drawbacks of this type of siding is the price – which can be higher than aluminum or vinyl, and the fact that it has to be painted, while aluminum and vinyl siding doesn’t.


The benefits, in this case, far outweigh these drawbacks, especially since the paint will last more than 15 years in most instances and the cost is well worth the possibility of getting an aesthetically pleasing, highly resilient and energy-efficient type of siding that won’t let you down.


So what’s the verdict? While fiber cement has a few drawbacks, it’s definitely worth it in the long run. In just a few years it can help you save a lot more money than aluminum, vinyl or wood, and new design options allow you to adapt it to any color or texture you want.  Don’t forget the most important piece of having it last, is to have one of the professional experienced roofing companies Wichita KS offer do the installation.

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The Advantages of Using an Insurance Adjuster to Aim for a Better Settlement

Most of us never think about hiring an insurance adjuster, since we dread the very idea of needing one. However, in some cases, it does become necessary, and you have to consider the advantages that this course of action can bring you:


  • You no longer have to worry about the hassle of gathering documents and the stress of reliving the incident. It stands to reason that,

    after your home was damaged or you or one of your family members have went through an accident, the last thing you want is to relive every detail and try to convince your insurance company that you deserve compensation for it.

  • Aside from emotional well-being, another advantage of a reliable insurance adjuster is efficiency and promptitude. Imagine having someone at your disposal who can stay in touch, mediate between you and your insurer, and give you quick results regarding your claim.
  • Also, an insurance adjuster has all the knowledge and experience needed for dealing with such a case. It’s good to note that there are several Wichita roofing providers that work very well with insurance adjusters, and to your benefit.  Maybe you overlooked some details in gathering evidence or reading your policy. Your insurance adjuster has already handled dozens of similar cases, and knows exactly what to do and what to remember.


It’s easy to see how hiring a dependable insurance adjuster right away can help you. Instead of worrying and trying to figure everything out on your own, call your local insurance adjuster to set up a meeting and discuss the possibility of getting a settlement that you’ll definitely be happy with.

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Top Fire-Retardant Roofing Products – What’s the Best Type of Roofing for Fire Protection?

Considering the fire resistance levels of the most common types of residential roofing systems, there is a lot to talk about. While some products might be much more durable than others, their fire-retardant qualities are less than ideal. As a result, it’s usually best not to think too much about the overall resilience and durability of the roofing products you buy, and look more toward the specific physical properties of the materials involved.


Class A asphalt shingles, metal, slate and concrete roofing products are the best to consider according to roofers experienced in roofing Wichita KS homes and businesses. Stay away from wood and green roofing if you live in a fire-prone area, since these are the first to catch fire, and can be difficult to treat with a suitable coating that would prevent a fire from burning through it after a certain amount of time.


Asphalt shingles are affordable and quite resilient when it comes to fending off fire hazards, although you will have to pay more for class A asphalt shingle products. Because of their lesser durability, however, they are considered inferior to metal, clay, concrete and slate.


Slate is much heavier, although it’s basically indestructible, so it is likely your best choice if you don’t want fire hazards to be a problem. However, on a roof that cannot support heavier roofing materials, lightweight metal roofing might be the most practical choice, offering the same fire protection as slate and a decent 50-60-year warranty period.

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The Importance of Choosing the Best Roofing Products: Why Do You Need Roof Flashing?

Roof flashings are fittings that are set in place to keep water from flowing through the cracks that develop between your roof and various other installations, such as a skylight, a dormer window or a chimney. While many other areas of your home might have flashings – including your porches, walls, doors or windows, the roof flashing is the most common, since its role is the most crucial to maintaining the structural integrity of your home.  The Wichita roofers at Penney Construction take pride in great installation of roof flashing, knowing it is the most important part of your home’s roof.


A roof flashing ensures that all joints between your roof and any other installations remain watertight. When rain falls and the water is guided by your roof towards your gutter guards and gutters, these valleys that remain  between the roof, chimney and skylight, would normally allow water to flow through, damaging your walls and property. Flashing installations are in place to prevent that, keep your roof decking dry, and prevent water from flowing through to reach the more fragile areas of your home.


A few years ago almost all flashing was made from lead sheet. Although that’s still an option today, it isn’t the only one. Because of the cost of lead and because of renewed concerns regarding lead contamination, materials such as zinc, plastic and rubber are more commonly used. Lead flashing is normally utilized with a coat of waterproof paint for added protection.

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